What Our Customers Say



"Superb! Thank you for another wonderful Christmas turkey crown. Delicious, moist, tasty, turkey. Cooked to perfection with the help of the ‘pop up’. An ingenious device that pops up when the turkey is completely cooked. Would never buy turkey from anywhere else other than Copas." Angela Chalmers

"We love the Copas Turkeys as they are always deliciously juicy and tasty. This year I needed to change the delivery address and it was no problem at all."  Emma Knight

"Excellent! From ease of online ordering, door step delivery and the best tasting turkey ever! Thank you!" Jo Talbot

"The turkey crown was succulent and full of flavour, as were the turkeys I've bought from you before. Its important to me that the birds (and indeed any other livestock) is looked after well and lives as natural life as possible." Linda

"More than arguably.....the best turkey you will ever taste!" Chris Roberts

 "Christmas simply wouldn't be Christmas without our Copas Turkey, easy preparation, easy to cook and the best possible flavour." Joanne, Maidenhead


"Best turkeys ever!" Cheryl Foster

"From the time that I first discovered Copas Turkeys I have bought nothing else. When friends say that you are expensive, I point out that the yield from your turkeys is so much more than others, that the taste is exquisite, and that you know these birds have had an excellent life out in the open living as turkeys ought to do rather than being fast breeder produced. Every visitor to my home over Christmas agrees that Copas Turkeys are the best that they have ever tasted and miles from the oft quoted media assessment that turkey is a bland and dry meat. We need to woo the general public away from seeking the cheapest item to looking for the best quality and value for money product. Copas ticks all the boxes!" Gwynneth Flower

 "Probably the best turkey I have ever tasted! Will definitely order again." Louise Tyson

"Another excellent turkey! Beautiful and moist! Very clear and easy to follow cooking instructions! Thank you!" Heather Ley

"We gave up buying Turkeys about 10 years ago because they had become bland.So when I won this one it made us try again.It was everything a Turkey should be very tender, succulent and tasty. Turkey arrived on time and was extremely well packed. The cooking instructions were easy to follow and the use up recipes very helpful." Pamela Gossage