Turkey Cam



Our turkey cam looks out over the fields in Cookham and is live, 24 hours a day.


As you’ll see from watching for a few minutes the birds spend their days enjoying the meadows, basking in the sunshine when it comes out, and pecking at the ground for extra worms or treats. 

What are they looking at? When people walk down the footpath (on the left) you’ll see the turkeys follow along to say hello. They are very inquisitive and friendly to our neighbours and team!

Where have they gone? If all the turkeys are hidden over by their polytunnel shelter it is probably time for lunch. You can see our team in their vehicles and high visibility jackets going in and checking on them during the day. You’ll also be able to watch how fast they flock over when the feed lorry arrives to fill up their feed store!

Spot something large and white? That will be one of our alpacas who work hard 24/7 protecting our turkeys from the fox. Learn more about them here.

 Notice something different or have a question about our turkeys? Email us today, we would be happy to answer: turkeys@copas.co.uk