Wagyu Beef & Venison

The team at Copas Traditional Turkeys is excited to introduce you to a range of selection boxes from Norfolk Wagyu and Culden Faw Venison.

Norfolk Wagyu beef was started by Sam Frost, a third-generation farmer. After trying Wagyu in a restaurant, the experience was never forgotten and the idea came to start a Wagyu herd in Norfolk. The quality of the beef is the driving force behind what they do and their aim is to produce high welfare and sustainable wagyu beef.

The Culden Faw Estate is 3,500 acres near Henley On Thames and their deer give us the best venison we have ever tasted. With the same high welfare ethos that we have with our turkeys here at Copas, we can't recommend them enough. 

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All meat is despatched frozen and can either be defrosted for immediate use , or re-frozen on delivery.

We are selling 2 grades of Wagyu:

F1 Cross Breed is a 50/50 breed that has superb taste but less marbling than Pure Breed cattle. It's delicious and a fantastic introduction to Wagyu Beef.

Our Pure Breed boxes are made up of 100% Full Blood Wagyu, highly marbled and the absolute premium in UK beef.





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