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1)   Rearing our Copas turkeys.

2)   Buying your Copas turkey.

3)   Storing your fresh Copas turkey.

4)   Other Turkey FAQs.




Rearing our Copas turkeys

Are Copas turkeys happy? How are they looked after?

We maintain the highest standards, regarding space, diet & welfare conditions to ensure our turkeys have a healthy, happy life. Our farm, production methods & facilities are all independently inspected to guarantee this.

Why are Copas turkeys more expensive?

Due to the labour intensive, traditional methods of production used (such as dry-plucking each turkey by hand), our turkeys take almost three times as long to rear & cost three times as much to produce as standard turkeys but the result is the best turkey you can buy for your family this Christmas!

What is a “Bronze” turkey?

Bronze turkeys get their name from the feathers & there are many different breeds of bronze-feathered turkey in the UK. We have over ten different strains on our farm this year, including birds from Kelly Turkeys hatchery, Wirral Blacks & Devon Bronze breeds. However it is not the breed alone which determines the eating quality, it is a mixture of the age, diet, welfare & most importantly, whether it has been hung or not.

What’s the difference between your Free Range & Organic turkeys?

All our birds are cared for and reared to the same very high rearing standards whether free range or organic. The only differences is that the Organic birds are reared on land that has been certified as Organic and they are fed certified Organic feed.

What do you feed your turkeys?

A delicious cereal based diet consisting of wheat, oats, soya, maize, sunflower oil…… All the goodness a turkey could possibly need. In the ranges there are also cherry trees and cover crops for little snacks when they are out and about.

Is production monitored?

Unlike most seasonal producers production at our farm premises is continually monitored by the Meat Hygiene Service to guarantee food safety & licensed European-Approved Inspectors to assure production standards. We also have an independently appointed Vet on site at all times during production.

Why do you have alpacas on the farm?

To help us keep the turkeys safe. We introduced the alpacas 5 years ago as a deterrent against foxes and they are doing a great job!

Where do the turkeys sleep?

As with all poultry, the turkeys like to be under cover at night and they take themselves into the polytunnels or we herd them into their sheds at dusk.

Can I visit the turkeys?

Yes, we are very proud of our farms & are lucky to be located in beautiful Berkshire countryside so we have a footpath that is open to the public & runs right through the middle of our turkey fields. The turkeys free-range from Mid-July onwards but to see them in all their glory we suggest paying us a visit in September, October or November.

Do they lay eggs?

Although being fully mature and old enough to lay eggs we do not encourage it. In nature it needs to be spring time to bring birds into lay. Come November its simply not light enough for mother nature to kick into gear.

What breeds are your turkeys?

As we rear our birds to full maturity, we select over 10 breeds of bronze turkeys to give us a range of sizes. Breeds include: roly polies, devon bronze, Wirral blacks, plumpies, Norfolk blacks.

Is there an industry “Quality Standard” that Copas turkeys meet?

Our farm is independently inspected by both PAI and SALSA auditors. We aim to exceed all farm assurance schemes & welfare standards operating in the UK, including those of the TFTA (Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association) regarding age, diet, welfare & production. Additionally, each Copas turkey carries our very own guarantee of quality, which includes a money-back commitment in the unlikely event of dissatisfaction.

How are the turkeys slaughtered?

All birds are processed under vetinary supervision by trained slaughter men to the highest possible welfare standards. We use the traditional method for a small producer of stun to kill then bleed. We then pluck and dry age in our coldstore before dressing into an oven-ready product.

Why do you dry age your turkeys?

To give the bird a lovely deep gamey flavour and soft, tender juicy texture we dry all age our birds. This artisan method gives you the best possible eating experience it’s a major part in their award-winning, deep flavour.


Buying your Copas turkey.

Can I change the size of the turkey I’ve ordered if I need to?

Of course, we know how difficult it can be to plan numbers for Christmas dinner! Order the size of turkey you think you’re going to require and, as long as you let us know by December 13th, we can easily upsize or downsize your bird. Unfortunately we cannot cancel an order once we have committed a turkey for you. The Turkey Team will sort this for you, simply call us on 01628 499980.

Do you have a Farm Shop?

Unfortunately we don’t have a Farm Shop but you can order online or over the phone and come to collect from our farm office, we’d love to see you. Call the Turkey Team on 01628 499980, we will be more than happy to help you.

Will my turkey fit in my oven?

From experience, these are the oven sizes required:

Turkeys up to 6.49kg: 37cm x 22cm x 20cm.

Turkeys from 6.5kg – 9.99kg: 39cm x 30cm x 20cm.

Turkeys 10kg+: 48cm x 32cm x 24cm.

How many people will my turkey feed?

We allow 500g per serving so a 6kg turkey will feed approximately 12 portions. Or use our turkey calculator to find out what size.

Do you sell cooked turkeys?

No we don’t. Our turkeys arrive oven ready. With fresh herbs, cooking instructions and a handy pop up cooking timer and there’s no need to baste, so cooking could not be simpler.

Does it come with giblets?

Yes, each turkey comes with a vacuum packed pouch of giblets containing gizzard, kidney & heart. But Breast Roasts and Blemished Birds do not.

Can I buy extra giblets?

Yes, if you need to make a large quantity of stock / gravy, we sell extra packs of giblets.

What’s a turkey crown?

A Crown is a turkey with the legs removed. It still contains the backbone & wings and is perfect for people who don’t want the dark leg meat.

What is a Breast Roast?

A Breast Roast is 100% breast meat, rolled and netted with no bones by our butchery team. Easy to carve but a whole bird or crown will always eat better cold.

Can I buy live turkeys?

No, We only sell oven ready turkeys. For live birds, we recommend you try www.birdtrader.co.uk.

How do I know I`ve bought a genuine Copas Traditional Turkey?

Our turkeys, crowns & breast roasts always comes in our branded carry box, hand wrapped in greaseproof paper with a sprig of rosemary and accompanied by our Cooking and Carving instructions and pop-up timer. Check the Find A Stockist section on our website for our approved butchers.


Storing your fresh Copas turkey.

Will my turkey stay fresh until Christmas?

Yes, we produce our turkeys specifically for Christmas every year and the Use By date will be at least 26th December.

How should I store my turkey when it arrives?

Ideally remove the turkey from all its packaging and place in your fridge. If it won’t fit in your fridge, we suggest using the ice packs to keep your turkey chilled rotating them as frequently as required.

My turkey has a bit of stubble. What should I do about it?

As we pluck all our turkeys by hand, it is impossible to remove each & every quill tip. They are absolutely harmless and any that may be left will shrivel away during cooking. Please don't stress about trying to remove them all with tweezers, Christmas is for relaxing and enjoying yourself!

What do I do with the giblets?

We use the giblets to make delicious stock & then chop up the cooked pieces as a treat for our dogs. Or just feed to dog raw. Patch, our office dog loves raw giblets.

Can I cook my turkey overnight?

I'm sure we all remember our mother's getting up in the early hours to get the turkey in the oven but she really didn't need to! We recommend a hot & fast cook, just make sure the internal temperature of the bird reaches at least 68 degrees. Use the pop up timer that we include with our turkeys to be sure.

Other Turkey FAQs.

Can I freeze the whole turkey?

Yes, definitely. We freeze a number of our turkeys at Christmas for use throughout the year. Simply defrost for around 48 hours before cooking as normal. They taste almost as good as the fresh ones! We recommend double layering so if possible, wrap in greaseproof then clingfilm before freezing as this will protect the skin. With our birds being mature, the skin is thinker than commercial turkeys which will help protect the meat during freezing.

Can I freeze cooked turkey leftovers?

Yes, if you’re not going to use your leftovers within a few days of cooking, then we suggest you slice it & freeze for use later in the year.

Are your turkeys available all year round?

We only produce turkeys fresh for Christmas but always freeze some to use throughout the year. Easter & Thanksgiving are particularly popular but we are happy to supply birds whenever you want one. Call the Turkey Team on 01628 499980 and we’d be delighted to help.




Why do you charge £18 for delivery?

The delivery charge covers all the packaging, ice packs & guaranteed next day delivery. If you order over £150 delivery is free.

When do you deliver your turkeys?

We deliver our turkeys nationwide as close to Christmas as our courier company allows. For Christmas 2020, delivery will be on Tuesday 22nd December, before 2pm.

How are they packaged?

  • Farm Gate Collection: When you collect from our Christmas Fayre on the farm, your turkey will come in a handy carry-box which also includes fresh herbs, a pop-up timer & cooking instructions.
  • Home Delivery: To ensure your turkey arrives in perfect condition, it comes in its box with fresh herbs and pop up timer inside a insulated outer box.
  • Harvey Nichols Click & Collect: your turkey will be packaged in its box and placed in a insulated outer box, along with any accompaniments. This box will then be labelled with your name, ready for you to collect from the 5th floor at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge.

Can I collect my order from the farm?

Yes, at our Collection Day on 23rd December (same date every year!). This year we are running a Drive thru Collection due to the Covid situation.

Can I collect from anywhere else, or just the farm in Berkshire?

Yes, Click & Collect service with Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. Your order will be ready to collect from the Hamper Desk on the 5th Floor at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge from 22nd – 24th December. Check the store opening hours for closing times.

What if my order doesn’t turn up?

In the unlikely event of your order not arriving before the specified time, check your email for communication from our courier & double check the delivery address on your order confirmation. The Turkey Team are on 01628 499980 and we will be able to help find missing orders. We appreciate just how important your turkey is.

What if I’m not home for the delivery?

Our courier company is instructed to leave a card & attempt a second delivery later the same day. If you have a preferred safe place where the delivery can be left, please let us know so we can pass on the instructions.

What if I have a complaint or issue?

We take pride in our customers’ satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you are not 100% happy with your turkey, or any item in your order, please email us at turkeys@copas.co.uk and include as much information as possible including photographs of the bird, box, barcode & wing tag where necessary. Please note we are closed until 3rd January but we prioritise customer issues as soon as we return.