​Which turkey for Christmas?

​Which turkey for Christmas?

Published by The Turkey Team on 8th Nov 2019

Getting the right turkey is a crucial part of the Christmas meal. Everyone’s day is different, some like to just enjoy the turkey on Christmas day whereas others like to graze on turkey leftovers, pies, curries and sandwiches for days after. It all depends on your family gathering as to whether you need a whole bird, crown or breast joint this Christmas.

No matter which type you end up with, make sure the turkey has had a good high welfare life:

  • Truly free range so its been able to run around and dust bathe outside like turkeys like to do. They are very curious creatures.
  • Age of the bird. 26 weeks is the optimum. An older bird has had a nice long life, been able to naturally develop lots of flavour running around, and at full maturity (26 weeks) it has put on a natural fat layer. This adds incredible flavour, and allows it to self-baste so there is no need for butter or bacon with a Copas Turkey.
  • Free Range or Organic. This is personal preference but to learn more see our blog on ‘ Free Range or Organic, what’s the difference?’

So which type of turkey, it depends on what your looking for: