​What is a turkey crown?

​What is a turkey crown?

Posted by The Turkey Team on 19th Nov 2019

In a nutshell a turkey crown is a turkey with the legs removed leaving just the turkey breast. This can be cut in 2 ways either retaining the backbone or without. When the backbone is removed it resembles and can be known as a saddle. Turkey crowns with their back bones are available from our shop https://www.copasturkeys.co.uk/turkey-crown-free-range-or-organic/

Why buy a crown this year? A crown may be a great option for your Christmas meal. Here are our thoughts:

Why a crown? (Pros) Not this year? (cons)
  • Just the breast meat if people don’t like the dark meat
  • More convenient and faster to cook
  • Less wastage if all eaten on Christmas day with no leftovers
  • As the meat is on the bone it will eat better cold than a breast roast because the meat will retain the moisture.
  • Doesn’t have the visual impact as being the centrepiece of the Christmas meal
  • You pay for the legs anyway. Turkey crowns are more expensive per kg.
  • Less or no bone marrow to give you the wow gravy.
  • Smaller carcass for stocks and sauces.
  • Some chefs often recommend a turkey crown for the ease of cooking. A Copas Turkey is easy to cook and requires little preparation either way but see our blog for Cooking a crown for more details or our turkey cooking guide here: https://www.copasturkeys.co.uk/how-to-cook-a-turkey/

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