The rings are removed

The rings are removed

Published by The Turkey Team on 11th Jun 2018

Now they say a picture says a thousand words but I think this one might say even more …

It’s now 2 weeks since the poults arrived and they pens have been let off. It takes a few days before they feel comfortable to venture into the whole barn but soon they are confidently roaming around. Slowly we expose them to more light and air so we can promote their feather growth. As the poults will be going outside in just a few weeks, we need to ensure they are ready to cope with the elements. Steve will always look at the birds and see when he thinks they’re ready to move as it can vary a little each year. Being a small producer, we have the flexibility to move when the birds are ready.

Turkey Fact! Did you know we use over 11 different breeds on our farm? Each bird is grown to full maturity and we use no growth promotors in our production. On commercial farms, birds are killed when they reach the right weight. These different breeds are also to key as they give the perfect bone to meat ratio

Over the next few weeks Steve will slowly introduce Kes into the barns. Turkeys can be very flighty, so Steve reduces the chances of them becoming scared by making this a very gradual process. Kes becomes extremely important once the birds are completely free range as she can do the work of 5 people in minutes. It will be a couple of weeks now before put the birds out in the ranges so we will have lots more exciting turkey tales and facts to tell you then.