Breast Roast timing test.

Breast Roast timing test.

Published by The Turkey Team on 14th Aug 2019

When your Copas Traditional Turkey arrives, it comes with a handy "Cooking, Carving & Recipes" booklet with all the information you'll need for cooking your turkey, chicken or goose. To make sure the information is as accurate as possible, every year we recheck the recommended timings by cooking samples of our products. Today we are checking the timings for our Breast Roasts.

We like our turkey meat to be 68-70 degrees when it comes out of the oven so are monitoring the time that it takes for each size to reach temperature. Obviously ovens vary so we suggest you always check using a meat thermometer but use our timings as a guide.

Breast Roast Cooking

Watch this space for the Breast Roast timings, we'll also add them to the Tips & Recipes section of About Us too.

Turkey sandwiches for lunch in the office today. Result!

The results ...

We cooked the Breast Roasts at 180 degrees, no foil, no changing temperature ... simply sprinkled with salt & pepper & put them in a baking tray into the oven. What could be easier?

Small (1.52kg) cooked in 45 minutes.

Medium (2.50kg) cooked in 1 hour 45 minutes.

Large (3.04kg) cooked in 2 hours 15 minutes.