Air Fried Turkey?!

Posted by BigCommerce on 5th Jan 2023

Air Fried Turkey?!

Air fried turkey?!

watch the video here

Here at Copas we've been hearing everyone rave about air fryers, so we had to get one and try air fry one of our own breast roasts! It has turned out amazingly every time we've done it and would highly recommend to any of our customers. Here's how we've perfected it...

It turns out it is super easy to do, as long as you have your Copas Breast Roast (we use a Medium) and an Air Fryer (ours is 5.5L), in 5 simple steps:

1. Keeping the netting on, sprinkle salt over all sides of the Breast Roast then put in your Copas pop-up timer

2. Put the Breast Roast upside down in your air fryer to cook for 30 minutes at 160°C

3. After this, turn the Breast Roast over (our Poultry Forks are very helpful for this!) and set the air fryer for another 30 minutes

4. When the air fryer is done, take the Breast Roast out and leave to rest until ready to eat

5. Carve the Breast Roast and enjoy! Tom's favourite part of this process is soaking up all the turkey juices at the bottom of the basket with bread - this makes for a delicious sandwich!

So now, all I want for Christmas is an air fryer...