Kind Words: Our Customers

Last Christmas

"Copas is now as traditional as the turkey."
Jono Griffith
"A first-class service delivered a first-class turkey to our door. Superb quality enjoyed by all!" Stephen Hargreaves
"There is simply none better."
Jean White
"I have had Copas Turkey Crowns for many years an have never been disappointed, the quality and taste are excellent and worth every penny." Wendy Amery
"The turkeys, of course, are beyond compare, as we would hope from a farm where their welfare is held in such high regard. But what also makes our annual 40 mile journey so worthwhile is the welcome we receive: complementary mulled wine, carol singing, horse cart rides and even demonstrations from the Copas family. It's almost as if we're part of the family! " Sara Cave
"This was the most tasty organic turkey we have had yet. It had a lot of fat, making the meat moist and full of flavour." Nicki Greenham
"Our Copas Turkey never ever disappoints - year after year, as I carve, rivets of juice flow down the breast - the savoury taste is stunning! Even better, served cold over the next few days, it's still succulent, moist and flavoursome!" Kay Gingell, Wilmington, Kent.
"Once we tasted a Copas turkey we resolved that we would never go anywhere else for our Christmas order!!" David Taylor

Previous Years

"Voted the best turkey for taste & texture in a 'round the table vote' of 12 people on Christmas Day."
Hendry Family
"Turkey finally makes sense! My husband's reaction to the sumptuous breast roast which cooked perfectly, despite our faulty oen door wedged shut with a mop! Much enjoyed, thank you Copas Turkeys." Stansfield-Rowles Family
"Thank you for another excellent years production of turkeys. The flesh was moist, succulent & plenitful." Hilder Family
"The Turkey was probably the most delicious turkey I have eaten & it just topped what was a lovely Christmas for us" Piling family, Lanarkshire
"Once again you have made our Christmas with a truly delicious bird. Thank you so much & congratulations." Sandra Whittle , Westhoughton
"Gorgeous turkey! Never tasted one quite like it! Usually a bit dry & chalk-like, this was succulent & rich - a real treat."John Hollidge
"I have never felt the need to feedback to a company, but this year I felt I must. My Copas Turkey was, without a doubt, the best turkey ever! My husband & two sons complained that there was not enough leftovers!" Cairns Family, Kinross
"The best turkey we have ever had. The taste, texture & succulence of the meat was absolutely fantastic!"Hughes Family
"Cost wise they are a bit of a bargain... This year £80 provided a Christmas day meal for ten (everyone having as much as they required), the 'statutory' turkey sandwiches for six later that evening, a turkey & leek pie for six today, enough meat in the freezer for a further 3 meals for my wife & me (curries, etc) and the stripped carcass has been rendered down & has provided seven (two portion) tubs of soup for us!"
Mr Manson, Selkirk
"Just wanted to let you know that yours was by far the best turkey we have tasted in 25 years of festive meals "
Pitt Family, Reading
"Having always been against turkeys because of the usual dry & boring taste... I was most surprised & absolutely delighted with your turkey... I am converted but do not want any old turkey - only a Copas one! Are they available for Easter?"
Mrs Rose, Stow on the Wold
"I wanted to mention the incredibly delicious gravy!! It is simply the best flavour, texture & taste in a gravy by a country mile... I wish I had come across it 30 years ago"
Mr Arlett, Henley
"Although I do not usually like turkey and present it at the Christmas table with some trepidition, the Copas turkey I bought this year through my local butcher was absolutely amazing. If this isn't the peak of turkey perfection, I don't know what is!"
Mrs Blanche, by email
"Having cooked Christmas lunch for more than 50 years, I was a little sceptical about this 'wonder' bird - how could it be that different? But all that you promised was true!"
Trigg-Fawcett family
"Thank you, the turkey was superb. Some may say perhaps a little expensive, but that would be before they have tried a Copas Turkey. There is certainly a big difference & the family & friends with whom we shared our Christmas meal all stated it was the best turkey they had ever tasted."
Mr Kirkpatrick, by email
Ms Smith, by email
"It cooked like a dream & the taste is absolutely fantastic - a completely different experience to what we've been used to. Looking forward to having some in a sandwich this lunchtime & then with bubble & squeak this evening. I'm going to try using the leftovers in the hairy bikers turkey & ham pie recipe as well."
Mr Outhwaite, by email
"The free range bronze crown we had was wonderful - tender succulent & the flavour was exceptional!! The stock from the carcas & the giblets was amazing & my husband described the soup as orgasmic!! Need I say more??"
Mrs Russam, by email
"I have never ever tasted such a delicious turkey... I never have been a lover of turkeys, being a lover of goose but, your turkey was the most succulent bird & the instructions were also a great help and very accurate."
Mrs Dann, by email
"They are the best turkeys I have ever had. I followed your cooking instructions to the letter & the turkey was perfect, succulent, tasteful & enjoyed by all. My search for the perfect turkey is over - thank you so much." Mrs Adeboyeku, by email
"Our Christmas dinner was fantastic thanks to your turkey roast. It was so easy with the pop up timer, so moist & wonderful. We have been converted."
The McDermott family, by email

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Recent Awards

Great Taste Gold 2012:

Our Traditional White Turkeys were awarded THREE Gold Stars!

Great Taste Gold 2012:

Our Sage and Onion Stuffing was awarded a Gold Star!

Great Taste Gold 2011:

Our Traditional Gravy was awarded a Gold Star!

Pig & Poultry Award Winner

We were Overall Winner for Brand Identity

Organic Food Award Winner

Our Free Range Organic Turkeys were Commended in the Meat & Poultry category!

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