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We felt it made sense to dedicate a little space on our website to share with you some of the many snippets of turkey wisdom we've picked up these past fifty or so years. If by chance you still have a 'burning' turkey based question that remains unanswered, please feel free to ask it now on

Are Copas Turkeys happy? How are they looked after?

We maintain the highest standards, regarding space, diet & welfare conditions to ensure our turkeys have a healthy, happylife. Our farm, production methods & facilities are all independently inspected to guarantee this.

What are the turkeys fed?

All our turkey feeds have been carefully formulated using traditional, wholesome & highly palatable raw materials. Wherever possible we use materials grown by British farmers. Rainforest friendly soya is selected to provide the major part of the protein in our feeds and every effort is made to ensure Copas Turkeys receive the quality of nutrition they require.

Is production monitored?

Unlike most seasonal producers production at our farm premises is continually monitored by the Meat Hygiene Service to guarantee food safety & licensed European-Approved Inspectors to assure production standards. We also have an independently appointed Vet on site at all times during production.

Why are Copas Turkeys so expensive?

Due to the labour intensive, traditional methods of production used (such as dry-plucking each turkey by hand), our turkeys take almost three times as long to rear & cost three times as much to produce as standard turkeys (please see the comparison table' under 'Our Turkeys') but the result is the best turkey you can buy for your family this Christmas!

Is there an industry 'quality standard' that Copas Turkeys meet?

Our farm is independently inspected by both PAI and SALSA auditors. We aim to exceed all farm assurance schemes & welfare standards operating in the UK, including those of the TFTA (Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association) regarding age, diet, welfare & production. Additionally, each Copas turkey carries our very own guarantee of quality, which includes a money-back commitment in the unlikely event of dissatisfaction.

Are these the same Bronze turkeys I have been reading about?

There are many different breeds of bronze-feathered turkey in the UK. We have over ten different strains of bronze-feathered turkey on our farm this year, (including birds from Kelly Turkeys hatchery, Wirral Blacks & Devon Bronze breeds) & nine strains of white. However it is not the breed alone which determines the eating quality, it is a mixture of the age, diet, welfare & most importantly, whether it has been hung or not.

How do Copas Free Range ORGANIC Turkeys differ from Copas Free

Range BRONZE Turkeys?

Our Organic turkeys are raised & produced in the same way as our Bronze turkeys, however they have been reared on an organic cereal diet and on organically certified land in order to conform to the Organic Farmers & Growers Code.

Will my turkey will fit in my oven?

Without knowing the exact dimensions of your turkey, we would suggest you use our box dimensions as a guideline. The following measurements will comfortably hold a turkey of the corresponding weight (& usually slightly larger):
Turkeys up to 6.49kg Turkeys from 6.5kg to 9.99kg Turkeys 10kg & over
37cm (L) x 22cm (W) x 20cm (H) 39cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 20cm (H) 48cm (L) x 32cm (W) x 24cm (H)

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Recent Awards

Great Taste Gold 2012:

Our Traditional White Turkeys were awarded THREE Gold Stars!

Great Taste Gold 2012:

Our Sage and Onion Stuffing was awarded a Gold Star!

Great Taste Gold 2011:

Our Traditional Gravy was awarded a Gold Star!

Pig & Poultry Award Winner

We were Overall Winner for Brand Identity

Organic Food Award Winner

Our Free Range Organic Turkeys were Commended in the Meat & Poultry category!

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