Carving Tips

  • Carving a Turkey Remove turkey from roasting tray & allow to rest in a warm place for 15-30 minutes for a better carving experience. (Don't forget to remove the netting from your Turkey Breast Roast at this time)
  • Sharpen your carving knife in a downward 'away from you' motion
  • Cut the breast meat from one side at an angle following the breast bone, repeating on the other side only when required. Carving on an angle will make the most of the grain of the meat. We prefer thicker slices (approx 5-10mm) which allow you to savour the full flavour & succulence of this delicious meat.
  • Don’t underestimate how much delicious meat can be found on the sides of the bird, close to the backbone – here can be found the ‘oysters’ (a succulent round piece of meat) which are always fought over in our household!
  • Carving a TurkeyHold the turkey leg by the knuckle & twist off while cutting close to the body, to expose the dark leg meat. Carve this meat into thick slices & separate the drumstick, taking care to carve around or remove by hand, the 2 or 3 thin sharp tapered bones which are parallel to the main leg bone.
  • Remove the wing by twisting close to the body & cutting between the joint, not through the bones. Cut in half, then carve or pull away the meat from the bone.
  • When you think you’ve finished carving your turkey, leave the carcass to cool (if it isn’t already boxing day!) & remove the remainder of the meat from the bone by hand, to store for sandwiches.
  • Keep the carcass for soup, using the recipe provided with your Copas Turkey!

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