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Christmas Planning

How to Make your Christmas Dinner Very Very Special

Step 1 – Source the very best free range, game hung and hand plucked turkey you can. Did you know our turkeys are guarded by Alpacas which ward off any  foxes? Our birds are grown to full maturity so they self-baste in the oven, so there’s no need to keep on checking the bird on the day.

Orders can still be placed here –

If you order with us we can take care of the stuffing, gravy, cranberry, honey, bread sauce, cheeses and chutney. If you want to make it really easy, why not order our Christmas pudding too and our smoked salmon, smoked duck and smoked chicken are delicious as a starter.

Step 2 – order your veggies and pigs in blankets, hopefully you have a local fruit & veg and butchers shop nearby. Buy the classics – roasted carrots & parsnips tossed in honey, Brussel sprouts and don’t forget those roasties! If you want to add something a little special then why not some butternut squash with a sprinkle of chilli.

Step 3 – Check you have the crackers, napkins and wine! We love these crackers. We also love Ridgeview English Sparkling Wine who will be offering food pairings and tastings during our Collection Day.


Step 4 – Make sure you have made a plan for the menu. Start with the turkey on timings and then plan everything else around it. Brenda has some tips in her useful video. Brenda recommends freezing the brandy butter if you are making it in advance.

Step 5Christmas Eve – lay the table, prep the turkey and ensure you have all the pots and pans you will need to cook with. This is also a good time to prep your veg and even get the serving dishes ready as it saves a job on the day!

Step 6Christmas Day – have a light breakfast, take the turkey out the fridge to bring it up to room temperature and turn the oven on! And don’t forget to take anything out the freezer you have pre-prepped, like the brandy butter.

Step 7 – if you are using our stuffing this would be a good time to get it ready. If you were feeling a little more adventurous you could use our stuffing with sausage meat and  stuff the bird. The Cocao Box has some great tips. We also have pre-stuffed birds and ours received 3 stars this year at the Great Taste Awards.

Step 8 – Ensure you are keeping on top of the timings. It’s good to par boil the potatoes early and let them steam so they get nice and crispy. Make sure you allow 3o mins resting time for the turkey. This can be a good time to crisp the roasties up.

Step 9 – Prepare your starter – our smoked chicken, duck or salmon with a simple salad are an easy crowd pleasers.



Also make sure you have prepped the Christmas pudding ready to be steamed before you sit down for the first course.

Step 10 – sit down to your Very Very Special Christmas Dinner. 

We do have lots more tips and ideas on our recipe pages as well as tips on how to make this Christmas stress free! The lovely chef at The Cocao Box has also put together some other delicious ideas for the day.




We Wish you All a Very Very Special Christmas

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