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Over 25 different varieties of slow-growing traditional breeds make up our flocks.
Usually just 1 modern fast-growing (cost effective) breed per flock.

Reared in spacious open barns, cherry orchards & grass meadows. Free range turkeys are outside every day from 6 weeks old
Reared in crowded intensive conditions in controlled environment housing. Free Range birds may only have been outdoors for a matter of weeks towards the end of their lives.

Natural balanced cereal diet. Rich in Oats. No animal protein, or growth promoting additives. Free range birds also eat natural vegetation, including grass & wild herbs.
Some use of growth promoters & artificial additives to accelerate growth.

Fully mature adult birds, 6 to 7 months old in all weight categories.  This provides a dense meat & natural fat layer to ensure a succulent texture when cooked
Processed when immature upon reaching desired weight - often only 2 months old. Usually dry & tasteless when cooked.

Prepared on the farm premises with minimum stress to the birds. Dry plucked by hand. Game-hung for 2 weeks. Simply refrigerated for Christmas Day - no heavy chilling. 100% pure turkey.
Usually transported long distances for production. Plucked under water by machines. Not hung, factory-processed & then instantly frozen, chilled &/or gas-treated. Water often added to increase the weight.

Each Copas Turkey carries our quality guarantee, which includes a money-back commitment in the unlikely event of dissatisfaction.
No similar guarantees offered.

"I have never tasted turkey like the one you gave us. Expensive, but cheap on the value for money scale. Before this I thought turkey was a bit boring, yours is not!!" Housego family. See more

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Recent Awards

Great Taste Gold 2012:

Our Traditional White Turkeys were awarded THREE Gold Stars!

Great Taste Gold 2012:

Our Sage and Onion Stuffing was awarded a Gold Star!

Great Taste Gold 2011:

Our Traditional Gravy was awarded a Gold Star!

Pig & Poultry Award Winner

We were Overall Winner for Brand Identity

Organic Food Award Winner

Our Free Range Organic Turkeys were Commended in the Meat & Poultry category!

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