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We believe we offer the very best Christmas turkeys available in the UK and hope that you will agree. Here’s a little glimpse into what makes our turkeys Very Very Special:

Truly Free Range

Our turkeys range across meadows and Cherry Orchards for the majority of their lives, they are slow growing so live for over three times longer than standard turkeys.

Dedicated Husbandry

Our turkeys are cared for by an expert team who have over 100 years experience between them rearing turkeys. We have a beautiful turkey dog called Kes who protects the turkeys from Mr. Fox and who does an excellent job of herding with Steve our Farm Manager. As of 2017, we have 9 Alpacas on the farm in who also do a wonderful job of keeping the turkeys safe from predators.

Expertly Hand Finished

All of our turkeys are traditionally hand plucked on the farm by an expert team, some of whom have been coming for over 15 years. Our product is 100% chemical free and completely natural.

Traditionally Game Hung

All of our turkeys are game hung for two weeks, much longer than standard game hung turkeys, resulting in a richer traditional flavour that has won us many awards over the years.

Very Very Special Extras

Our turkeys are all beautifully boxed with a pop-up timer, recipe leaflet, giblets and fresh herbs for a very very special Christmas.

So that’s a little bit about what we do, but more importantly there’s so much we can do for you! With national PR campaigns, extensive point of sale materials, dedicated customer support and most importantly an enthusiastic and engaged team pushing it all along we strive to make Christmas as simple as possible, making sure our turkeys arrive safely with you just in time for Christmas. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to get in touch with verity@copas.co.uk.


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